Testimoniale despre Luscious Lips

Luscious Lips is simply amazing! It is the first lip product I have come across that provides anti-aging, volumizing, moisturizing, and healing benefits all-in-one! My clients are extremely happy with the results and are truly satisfed. Plus, it comes in 12 gorgeous colours too!

Dr. Justine Liong, Aesthetic Physician Dr. Justine Clinic, Desa Srl, Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur

The Luscious Lips range is amazing. Ihave been searching for anti-aging lip treatments for quite a while. It is extremely effective for my patients who have suffered from extremely dry lips and it works wonders in reducing lip lines and creating fuller and plumped lips.

Dr. William Hoo Khee Liam (MD), Medical Aesthetic Practitioner Anna Hoo Clinic, Petaling Jaya Selangor

Luscious Lips is a fantastic product for plumping and moisturizing the lips. It comes in many fun colours and works well on its own, or used as an adjunct for patients who have had lip fillers. You can see a difference in the fine lines and volume of your lips after a few applications.

Dr. Patricia Yuen, Dermatologist, Dermatology, Laser and Aesthetics Clinic, Paragon, Singapore

Ahaa..!!! Finally I find a miraculous remedy for healthy and sexy lips without any injectable procedures. The great advantages about Luscious Lips, is not only about anti aging properties in it but also the variety of fashionable colours. It is really moisturizing, volumizing and more over make lips look younger and more attractive. Looking for healthier and sexier lips..?? Luscious Lips is the answer.

Dr. Lanny Juniarti, Aesthetic Physician, Founder, President Director of Miracle Aesthetic Clinic group Indonesia

Luscious Lips is a fantastic product, very important for my work in my Aesthetic Office in Naples. Luscious lips helps me to achieve the best results in lip fillers. My patients love using natural beautiful fuller lips; it has unique anti-ageing properties which heal, hydrate and plump the lips throughout the day. Many patients have experienced the difference between simple lip fillers and lip fillers with Luscious Lips and come to my office repeatedly to try many fun colours.

Dr. Loredana Desiato, Studio Nice Clinic, Napoli, Italy